When Corneal Specialist, Eric R. Mandel, M.D., first opened his practice in 1984, he envisioned a laser vision correction center providing an unparalleled, personalized approach to patient care. With that in mind, every member of the Mandel Vision laser vision correction team has been carefully chosen for their unique skill set and dedication to quality patient care.

From the moment you enter Mandel Vision, you are greeted by a team of highly trained professionals who all share a common goal: giving you the best LASIK and PRK laser vision correction experience possible. We recognize that you only have one pair of eyes and consider it a privilege that you have entrusted us with your care.

Clerical Staff


Lori Silver

Practice Administrator

Lori holds an M.A. from the University of Maryland and has been a member of the staff since 1990. Prior to her position as Practice Administrator at Mandel Vision, she was an audiologist for 15 years. She brings considerable knowledge from her medical background, combined with a business acumen, to navigate the ever changing climate of medical practice management.
Email address:  lori@mandelvision.com


Evette McGill

Front Desk Supervisor

Evette started her career in finance where she spent 24 years as a Regional Manager for New Jersey’s largest Credit Union. Corporate restructuring at the Credit Union led her to pursue a career in the medical field. She began this venture as an office manager and doctors assistant at a prominent gynecologist’s office where she worked for 5 years. She then joined Mandel Vision in February 2016 as our Patient Coordinator and was quickly promoted to Front Desk Supervisor. Evette is typically your first point of contact both on the phone and at the front desk. Our patients frequently comment on her kind nature and the personalized care she provides. Her duties include maintaining patient records, facilitating patient flow, filing and scheduling appointments. She is the very proud mother of one married son and the beyond proud grandmother of a 2 year old boy who she adores. She is an avid dog lover and cherishes her 2 bichon poodles. She also loves reading crime stories and watching courtroom dramas.
Email address:  evette@mandelvision.com

Medical Staff


Kimberly Procci, C.O.T.

Lead Ophthalmic Technician
Clinical Administrator
Website and Social Media Manager

With over 25 years of experience in private practice ophthalmology, Kim has worked as our lead ophthalmic technician and clinical administrator for more than 18 years, managing a staff of 7 employees.  Her skills were honed in Seattle and Chicago where she worked for two of the most prestigious refractive surgeons before relocating to Manhattan in 1999.  As a JCAHPO certified ophthalmic technician (C.O.T.), for more than 20 years, her expertise lies in obtaining your refractive error prior to laser vision correction, as well as during routine ophthalmic examinations.  For those patients who are not candidates for PRK or LASIK laser vision correction surgery, Kim is also a skilled contact lens fitting technician. Additionally, she is your point person for all questions regarding medications, as well as glasses and contact lens prescriptions.  She is responsible for writing our LASIK blog: Eyes on a Clearer World and she maintains our social media presence and our company website, including all email correspondence.  Kim is currently attending Hunter College to finish pre-requisite courses so that she can apply to SUNY College of Optometry.  When not studying, Kim enjoys writing, golfing, swimming and running.
Email address:  kim@mandelvision.com


Missy Grohne

Laser Vision Consultant

Missy joined Mandel Vision in 2003. A previous tour guide who lead groups on adventures in the Arizona desert, she was a natural choice as a laser vision consultant. Lori Silver, our Practice Administrator, was lucky enough to have Missy as a tour guide during her visit to Arizona in 2002. She was so taken with Missy’s easy-going personality and enthusiasm that she immediately recruited her to work at Mandel Vision. Prior to accepting the position, Missy researched Dr. Mandel and decided to have monovision LASIK. She was so thrilled with her vision after her LASIK surgery, as well as her experience with Dr. Mandel and the Mandel Vision Staff that she later accepted a position as a laser vision consultant. She has been an asset ever since. Missy also performs some of the preliminary diagnostic tests for our laser vision correction candidates and then educates patients after they meet with Dr. Mandel about what to expect during and after their procedure as well as the cost and financing options. She is your point person for care credit financing as well as any concerns before, during and after laser vision correction. In her free time, Missy enjoys the theatre and all of the culture NYC has to offer. Missy enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and gardening. Her interests include holistic healing and nutrition. In her spare time, she does voice over recordings and had a previous career in acting many years ago.
Email address:  missy@mandelvision.com

Gabrielle Suh, C.O.A.

Laser Room Technician
Certified Ophthalmic Assistant

Fluent in Korean, Gabrielle was originally hired as a translator, for our Korean patients, in 2004.  She’s been in ophthalmology since 2001 and worked as a laser room technician before joining Mandel Vision. It was evident from the start of her employment with Mandel Vision that Gabrielle was extremely bright and she was soon promoted and then started working as a laser room technician.  She has been an invaluable member of our staff ever since her promotion and she obtained her certification as a JCAHPOcertified ophthalmic assistant (C.O.A.) in July of 2013.  Dr. Mandel has nicknamed her “The Watchdog”.  Her acute attention to detail ensures that patients receive the best possible experience in our laser room on the day of their PRK or LASIK laser vision correction procedure.  Her responsibilities include assisting Dr. Mandel with the procedure, laser calibration and maintenance, instrument sterilization, inventory and ordering of laser room supplies and above all, quality patient care.  Additionally, she performs laser vision correction diagnostic testing prior to the procedure and handles all medical record requests.  Originally from Queens, NY, she currently lives in Manhattan with her boyfriend and her Siberian Husky.
Email address:  gabrielle@mandelvision.com

Karem Sandigo

Laser Vision Consultant

Karem joined our Mandel Vision Team as a laser vision consultant in March of 2017. Originally from Nicaragua, she has lived in New York for the past 21 years.  Karem is fluent in Spanish and has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Marketing from the University of Mobile, Alabama.  A Certified Patient Service Specialist, she has worked in ophthalmology primarily as a surgical coordinator for 15 years which involved counseling patients on surgery in multiple ophthalmic specialties. This afforded her an almost seamless transition in her position with us.  As a laser vision consultant here at Mandel Vision, her responsibilities include performing some of the preliminary diagnostic tests for our LASIK and PRK patients.  Then, after our patients meet with Dr. Mandel and are deemed appropriate candidates for LASIK or PRK, Karem educates them  about what to expect during and after their procedure as well as the cost and financing options available.  She then follows her patients throughout their laser vision correction experience, offering guidance and support before, during and after their LASIK and PRK surgery.  In her spare time, Karem enjoys photography and reading.
Email address:  karem@mandelvision.com


Suki Kaur

Ophthalmic Scribe

Suki joined our Mandel Vision Team as a laser vision correction consultant in June of 2016 and we’re happy to have her! Born in India, Suki moved to Queens, N.Y. with her parents and younger brother when she was 3 years old. She started her career in the eye field at Lenscrafters and spent 4 1/2 years with them as a sales supervisor before changing her focus to ophthalmology. She’s a recent graduate of York C.U.N.Y. College and holds a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Psychology. Suki’s favorite food is sushi and she enjoys reading and crocheting. Her ultimate goal is to pursue a career as an optometrist. Until then, you can count on Suki to counsel you on your eye drop regimen and post operative instructions once Dr. Mandel’s examination is complete. Her primary role as an ophthalmic scribe involves accompanying Dr. Mandel to each exam room to document his findings. Suki is also qualified to perform some of the diagnostic tests which determine your candidacy for both LASIK and PRK, scheduling your surgery as well as answering any questions about pricing, preoperative and postoperative care and instructions.
Email address:  suki@mandelvision.com


Raven Varela

Ophthalmic Scribe

Raven has worked in the medical field since 2011, primarily as a receptionist in both internal medicine and ophthalmology. Driven by a desire to gain more knowledge in ophthalmology, she joined Mandel Vision in November 2016. As an ophthalmic scribe, Raven is responsible for creating and maintaining patient medical records under the supervision of Dr. Mandel. These records include the documentation of a comprehensive patient history, visual acuity measurement, review of medications as well as other essential patient information. She accompanies Dr. Mandel to each exam room to document his findings and is the person responsible for counseling patients on their eye drop regimen and post operative instructions once Dr. Mandel’s examination is complete. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology and enjoys period films.
Email address:  raven@mandelvision.com

At Mandel Vision, every member of our staff is a trusted, valuable member of our team. Call our office at 888-866-3681 to schedule a FREE LASIK or PRK laser vision correction evaluation, with corneal specialist Eric R. Mandel, M.D., to see firsthand the quality level of patient care they all provide.

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