Mandel Vision In Focus Newsletter – September Highlights

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September is Healthy Aging Month Senior Couple Kayaking

Seniors are particularly at risk for eye disease. There are some eye diseases that are silent, or without symptoms, so routine annual eye exams are a must. Schedule that eye exam today!


Sports Injuries_Eye Health Tip_LASIK NYC_0This Month’s Eye Health Tip

90% of all sports-related eye injuries can be prevented with the use of protective eye wear. So, be sure to wear goggles with polycarbonate lenses which are 10 times more impact resistant than other materials.

In the News
Dry eye sufferers now have another option for managing their symptoms. Xiidra, the first new prescription eye drop for the treatment of dry eye symptoms in 10 years, is now available.

SportsSafety_Health Tip_Mandel Vision LASIK NYC_1New in the Blog

Sports and Eye Safety
Sports eye safety is critical and can help keep you in the game! And, by ‘sports eye safety’, we mean wearing protective goggles.  Ninety percent of all sports-related injuries can be prevented with the use of protective eye wear.

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