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Mandel Vision® Spring 2012 Health Tips

1. Hooray! Spring is here! Unfortunately, this means the dreaded Spring allergies are here as well. With Spring here and all of the beautiful flowers that come with it, comes the promise of the dreaded Spring allergy season. Seasonal allergies are usually due to allergens that bind to mast cells in the eye, which then release histamine. The histamine causes most of the allergy symptoms. Allergic symptoms include itching, redness and tearing. Symptomatic relief can be obtained using antihistamine drops …
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Mandel Vision LASIK Blog

Mandel Vision’s first blog created, entitled:  Mandel Vision:  Eyes on a Clearer World.  In his blog, Dr. Eric Mandel will share information about LASIK as well as general ophthalmology. Click here to visit our blog page.

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