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Mandel Vision In Focus – June 2016 Newsletter

June Newsletter

June Highlights June is UV Safety Month!  Contrary to popular belief, polarized lenses cut glare but don’t block ultraviolet rays.  UV rays can cause both short and long term damage to your eyes.  Make sure your polarized sunglasses also have a special UV400 coating which blocks 100% of UV rays. Click here for more eye health tips. This Week’s Eye Health Tip! Allergy medication, both in oral and eye drop form, can exacerbate dry eye symptoms.  Using natural tear drops, at least 4 times a day, while …
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Corneal Thickness and LASIK Eye Surgery

Corneal Thickness and LASIK Eye Surgery | Mandel Vision Blog Post

There’s a lot of talk these days about the importance of corneal thickness when considering LASIK eye surgery, but what does it really mean and how important is it in determining candidacy for LASIK?  Although it’s not the only factor used to determine LASIK candidacy, corneal thickness is definitely an important one. Why is corneal thickness important? LASIK is a corneal procedure.  During LASIK  laser vision correction, once the flap is created and gently peeled back, microscopic amounts of corneal …
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