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Mandel Vision In Focus Newsletter ~ July 2016 Highlights

July Newsletter

  July is Firework Safety Month Although we realize the 4th is history, there are a fair amount of fireworks-related injuries that occur after the holiday.  Please be safe this year and leave the fireworks shows to the professionals.  Click here to read more. This Week’s Eye Heal Tip If you have blue or green eyes, you may be more sensitive to the damaging UV rays from the sun.  Wearing sunglasses with a special UV 400 coating can help protect your eyes.  Don’t forget that …
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Hyperopia {Farsightedness}

Hyperopia | Mandel Vision Blog Post

What is Hyperopia? Hyperopia, also known as farsightedness, is a condition of the eye which primarily causes near objects to appear blurry. However, farsightedness isn’t as straightforward as nearsightedness, as it can also cause distant objects to appear blurry, if it’s severe enough. In order to understand hyperopia, it’s helpful to know a little bit about the anatomy of the eye and the visual system. When you look at an object, light rays from that object enter your eye through …
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