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Mandel Vision In Focus Newsletter ~ October Highlights

July Newsletter

October is Halloween Safety Month Protect those peepers this Halloween! If you’re already planning your costume, be sure to leave costume contact lenses out of the equation.  These non-prescription contact lenses can lead to eye infections which are potentially vision-threatening. Click here to learn more about the dangers of these contact lenses. The Month’s Eye Health Tip People with type 2 diabetes who intensively control their blood sugar level were found to have cut their risk of diabetic retinopathy in half. Source: ACCORD Trial Eye Study. Click here to learn more about diabetes and its potential effect on the eye. Meet our Team Members Suki Kaur …
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LASIK in the Military

LASIK in the Military | Mandel Vision Blog Post

Several recently published studies involving LASIK in the military may help allay your fears about LASIK laser vision correction. These studies address night vision and stability of the corneal flap, which are both common concerns among patients considering LASIK with Dr. Mandel at our NYC LASIK center.  Better yet, the findings in one of the most recent studies, involving Naval aviators, are overwhelmingly in favor of LASIK in the military.  In fact, in anonymous questionnaires, 95.9% said that LASIK helped …
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