Why do people come from all over the world to have their LASIK evaluation and
laser eye surgery at Mandel Vision’s Manhattan LASIK laser vision correction center?

Patients choose Mandel Vision® for their LASIK procedure for a number of reasons. First, our practice customizes the approach we take to each patient’s individual condition.  “One size doesn’t fit all,” is Dr. Mandel’s philosophy at our laser eye surgery practice, serving New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Voted one of the best doctors in New York, Manhattan LASIK surgeon Dr. Eric R. Mandel understands that although two patients may be the same age and have the same prescription for glasses, they may require two different types of laser eye surgery treatments.  For instance, Dr. Mandel corrected two 54-year-old patients with similar prescriptions, however he used two completely different approaches.  Dr. Mandel recognized that the needs of the two patients were different due to their lifestyles. One was a professional golfer on the senior tour, the other a producer for a national morning news show.  Because Dr. Mandel and our vision correction staff took the time to get to know each patient, we were able to personalize their final outcome.  The result was two extremely happy patients with different corrective surgery outcomes. To learn more about the team at Mandel Vision, click here to visit our Meet the Staff page

Dr. Mandel’s individualized approach to patients and his skillful control of the VISX® S4 laser and customized nomograms (a personalized calibration table based on Dr. Eric Mandel’s extensive experience with the excimer laser) have earned him the reputation as one of the best doctors in New York.  If you are considering laser eye surgery, contact our LASIK doctors in Manhattan, NYC to schedule your consultation at Mandel Vision® at 888-866-3681.