All About LASIK with Dr. Eric Mandel – Video Blog Series – Part 1

In part one of our video blog series, All About LASIK with Dr. Eric Mandel, Dr. Mandel educates patients about the importance of customizing each patient’s LASIK surgery. He personally designs each patient’s treatment on the day of surgery. Dr. Mandel’s customization process is based on several factors which include the patient’s age, prescription, occupation and lifestyle. These factors help Dr. Mandel to determine the unique visual needs of each patient.

In addition to the specific visual needs of the patient, Dr. Mandel calls on his years of experience to help inform his approach. For instance, a 20 year old patient will respond differently than a 50 year old patient, even when they have the same prescription.  This is because the eye responds differently as we age. During the design portion of the treatment, Dr. Mandel customizes the prescription according to your eye to achieve the best result.

Our advanced surgical technology also helps Dr. Mandel achieve optimal results for each patient. Prior to surgery, our iDesign Refractive Studio is utilized to obtain fresh measurements immediately before surgery. This state-of-the-art technology is the latest generation in customized LASIK surgery and Mandel Vision is proud to be the first center in New York to offer this ground-breaking technology. Dr. Mandel uses these measurements to personally design the treatment plan for each patient. The information from the iDesign is then transferred to the VISX Star S4 excimer laser which is what is used to treat the patient’s prescription during the LASIK procedure.

This meticulous process is what sets Mandel Vision apart from other laser vision correction centers and is why we have so many happy patients.

In the video below, Dr. Mandel describes the customization process for LASIK surgery.

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