Dr. Mandel’s Reading and Computer Tips

Did you know that when you are working on the computer or reading, you blink 60% less than at other times?  This lack of blinking exacerbates dryness, fatigue and discomfort that are often associated with office work. Poor indoor environments, with low amounts of humidity, are another contributing factor.  Think of your eyes as a car’s windshield.  If you have poor windshield wipers, or no windshield wiper fluid, your windshield will be dirty and difficult to see through.  Similarly, you must remember to blink frequently and lubricate your eyes with artificial tear drops, when you are working on the computer or reading, to keep your eyes moist and clear.  This is especially true during the first year after laser vision correction.

Following the simple steps below will make you feel more comfortable so that you can spend more time doing close work without discomfort:

  1. For every half hour of reading or computer work, put a drop of artificial tears into your eyes and then close your eyes for 45 to 60 seconds.  (Don’t just look away, but truly close your eyes.)
  2. Put a post-it note on your computer, or near your reading material, with the word “BLINK” written on it. This simple reminder to blink really works!
  3. Use good lighting for all near vision tasks. An incandescent light, with a rheostat to adjust illumination, is one of the best choices for comfortable reading.
  4. Try to get out of the habit of holding reading material too close or moving too close to your computer monitor.  This can strain your eye muscles and cause fatigue.

Happy reading!

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