Extreme LASIK: Taking the Fear Out of Laser Vision Correction

Fear is one of the most common barriers patients face when considering laser vision correction.   Now, thanks to former Navy Captain and ophthalmologist, Steven Schallhorn, MD, patients can feel more secure.  Dr. Schallhorn performed LASIK on military personnel from the Army, Airforce, Marine Corp., and Navy using the same advanced blade-free, Femtosecond and Wavefront guided technology used at Mandel Vision.  In an effort to determine the safety and efficacy of LASIK, he then subjected these patients to some of the most extreme and harsh conditions possible including high altitude, extreme G forces, underwater pressures and blowing sand.

The results of the clinical trial were crystal clear.  The visual results were excellent and the LASIK flaps were stable, even after being subjected to the most extreme environments. The LASIK flaps even proved to be stable in animal models that were exposed to forces equivalent to those produced during ejection from a plane traveling at 400 knots.[i]  Another concern, particularly for Navy Seals who participate in many night maneuvers, is night vision following LASIK.  Dr. Schallhorn found that night vision actually improved[ii], following LASIK with Femtosecond technology.  This is critical, as many of these maneuvers put these soldiers in life and death situations.  LASIK has enabled soldiers previously ineligible for special forces, due to the need for contact lenses and glasses, the opportunity to realize their full potential in the military.

Additionally, after careful review of Dr. Schallhorn’s data, NASA, which previously banned any laser corrective eye surgery, approved LASIK for its astronauts.[iii]  This decision, made despite the physically demanding, extreme zero-gravity conditions that astronauts endure, was not taken lightly.  Poor vision was the number one factor that previously disqualified many NASA applicants.[iv] LASIK, yet again, has opened the door to allow many more aspiring astronauts the opportunity to realize their dreams of space travel.

Patients can take comfort in the knowledge that LASIK is deemed safe in even the most extreme environments.  AMO, one of the leading ophthalmic laser companies, says it best:  “Consumers looking for proof that LASIK is safe, effective and advanced enough for them need look no further; LASIK has proven it has “The Right Stuff”.[v]

Click on the links below to view the documentary, produced by Patient Education Concepts, entitled:  LASIK on the Frontlines.

8 minute version:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q-pbmLr46Q

28 minute version:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awBS2sxNCqU

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