How Accessible is Your LASIK Surgeon?

There are many factors that set Mandel Vision apart from other laser vision correction centers, but perhaps none as important as our hands on approach and the availability of our LASIK surgeon, Dr. Eric R. Mandel, M.D. Dr. Mandel has always taken a personalized approach to his practice.  In fact, he calls it a boutique LASIK experience.  No two patients are alike. With our wavefront customized topography-integrated iDesign laser system, (boy, that’s a mouthful!) the uniqueness of each patient’s visual error is taken to a whole new level. Dr. Mandel has always treated his patients with the utmost respect and care. Part of this approach includes being accessible to his patients during the entire process.

How Accessible is Your LASIK Surgeon | Dr Eric R Mandel MD | Mandel Vision | LASIK NYC

Here are a few key components of our boutique LASIK experience that you’re not likely to find elsewhere:

  • We don’t use an answering service.  Dr. Mandel doesn’t believe in them.  He feels they’re impersonal, and doesn’t like that they’re not immediately responsive. Instead, every surgery patient gets his personal cell phone number for emergencies.
  • You will meet Dr. Mandel on the day of your FREE LASIK or PRK evaluation. Unlike some other centers in which you don’t have the opportunity to meet your surgeon until the day of surgery, Dr. Mandel spends time to get to know each patient before surgery, in order to customize their treatment plan. He fully understands that this is a big decision, so he patiently addresses the concerns of his patients.  After all, a fully informed decision is the best kind!
  • Dr. Mandel personally performs each LASIK and PRK procedure.
  • Dr. Mandel personally examines each patient for all of their post-operative appointments. This is important for patient reassurance, but more importantly, it is what is best for the patient to monitor the healing process after surgery. Having performed thousands of LASIK and PRK eye surgeries, Dr. Mandel has a tried and true approach to the post-operative regimen for each procedure, and closely monitors the healing process of each patient to determine if the regimen needs an adjustment for optimal healing.

Our patients have noticed the difference at Mandel Vision, and here’s what they have to say about it:

“Dr. Mandel is awesome. I consulted with two other places before coming here and it was a no-brainer decision. The consultation was thorough and professional. Everyone makes sure you feel comfortable and informed. I appreciated Dr. Mandel spending multiple sessions with me to answer any questions and give me as much information as possible. He also asks a lot about your life to tailor the procedure to your specific needs, not just your prescription…” ~Daniel Shin

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“Awesome doctor, I was quite nervous about the process but he and his team are phenomenal. Very grateful for the support before, during and after the procedure.” ~Will

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“The personal attention from Dr. Mandel as well as his patience and desire to answer any and all questions from the initial consult, all the way through post-op care has put me fully at ease during this entire experience. I’m 20/20 without glasses for the first time ever!” ~Scott Calvert 

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“Doctor Mandel and his staff were incredibly friendly throughout every step of the process. Everything was explained to me in full and all my questions were given detailed answers.” ~Philip Coatl

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“Everything went beautifully. It’s a scary procedure to have your eyes operated on, but Dr. Mandel kept me calm, and called me a couple hours after I’d gone home to see how I was feeling (I was asleep!). When I came in the next day they gave me a thank you card for trusting them with my eyes. A few days after my one week check-up they contacted me to choose a charity for Dr. Mandel to make a charitable contribution to in my name. They not only care about their patients, but also giving back to the City.”~Kris Wolff 

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“After doing lots of research and many consults, I confidently picked Dr Mandel as my Lasik surgeon. From the first consult to post – op, I cannot rave enough about Dr Mandel and his entire team – from the front desk staff who make me feel so welcomed and never makes me wait more than 10 minutes to the nurses who allow me to ask all my questions confidently.” ~Aimee Howard

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Experience the difference at Mandel Vision for yourself! Call us today at 888-866-3681 to schedule your free LASIK consultation with Dr. Mandel!  You can also click here to book online.

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