LASIK and PRK: Change Your Vision, Change Your Life!

Here at Mandel Vision, one of the most rewarding things about specializing in LASIK and PRK laser vision correction is impacting the lives of our patients.  LASIK and PRK have truly been life-changing experiences for many of our patients and we never tire of hearing their stories.  Since uplifting stories are so rare in the news cycle these days, we decided to share these great stories.

LASIK and PRK: Change Your Vision Change Your Life | Mandel Vision Blog Post

Steve Witting, Actor
LASIK patient

Steve struggled with the annoyance of contact lenses drying out during auditions and film shoots over the years before finally deciding to have LASIK with Dr. Mandel.  “The eyes are the windows to the soul…and thanks to Dr. Mandel, my windows are perfectly clear, and better than 20/20.”

Watch Steve’s video to learn more:

Mara P., Director of Digital Sales
LASIK patient

Mara had LASIK with Dr. Mandel and has this to say:  “LASIK was absolutely the best decision I ever made.” Mara had a lot of problems with contact lens wear prior to LASIK with Dr. Mandel.  The buildup on her contacts would happen so frequently that she would go through several lenses a day.  The hassle of this made travel (particularly overseas trips) a challenge for her.  After LASIK, her trip to Paris was so much more enjoyable.  She could simply enjoy the sights without ever having to think about her vision.  “Having LASIK has completely changed my life.”

Watch Mara’s video to learn more:

Banking Professional, Vivian DeLillo
LASIK patient

After being dependant on glasses and contact lenses for most of her life, Vivian loves waking up in the morning and not having to worry about reaching for her glasses or having to put on contact lenses.  Vivian’s very active so LASIK has been a liberating experience for her. Running with glasses on proved challenging, especially in the rain.  This is no longer an issue for her.  “I can run in all kinds of weather, I can go swimming…all without having to worry about contact lenses or glasses. I can just get up and go- not a care in the world.  It’s wonderful, it’s freeing!”

Watch Vivian’s video to learn more:

John Hamor, Specialist in the Army National Guard
PRK  patient

PRK was a requirement for the positions John wanted to pursue within the Army National Guard.  For John, dealing with the hassle of glasses in a life or death situation just wasn’t an option.  Now that he’s had PRK laser vision correction with Dr. Mandel, he no longer has to worry about this.  “(After PRK surgery with Dr. Mandel) driving is easier, things are clearer (now) than they were with contacts. (Having PRK) has made my day to day life a lot simpler, for everything.”

Watch John’s video to learn more:

Dani R., Owner of Rise and Grind Coffee Shop
PRK patient

Dani plays hockey and loves the freedom of not having to worry about glasses or contact lenses when she plays now.  She’s also an avid traveler and can’t say enough about how much easier and more enjoyable traveling is after PRK with Dr. Mandel.  “…(PRK) surgery has really been a life-changer for me.”

Watch Dani’s video to learn more:


These videos are just a small sample of those patients whose lives have changed thanks to LASIK and PRK laser vision correction surgery with Dr. Mandel.    To see more videos and hear more about our patients and their LASIK and PRK experiences with Dr. Mandel, click here.  You can also hear what our patients think of us by reading our patient reviews on Google + and Yelp.  Dr. Mandel is currently the highest rated LASIK surgeon in the New York Metro area.

If you’d like to learn more about how LASIK or PRK could change your life, call us at 888-866-3681 to schedule a free consultation with corneal specialist, Eric R. Mandel, M.D.  You can also book your consultation online.

Change your vision, change your life with LASIK or PRK laser vision correction with Dr. Mandel!

Change Your Vision, Change Your Life. Mandel Vision®

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