May 1, 2017: Mandel Vision LASIK Technology

Although LASIK surgery is surgeon-dependent, the technology employed is equally important.  Think of it as a master carpenter using master tools.  A master carpenter can only do so much with suboptimal equipment.  The same is true for LASIK.  To get the best results, you need both a skilled LASIK surgeon and the most advanced surgical technology.

Mandel Vision LASIK TechnologyHaving been involved in refractive laser research since 1984, Dr. Mandel is uniquely qualified to evaluate new LASIK technologies.  After utilizing different technologies over the past 20+ years, he found that the iLASIK technique affords his patients the best, most predictable results.  Therefore, Dr. Mandel exclusively uses iLASIK technology for all of his LASIK patients.  iLASIK is the latest LASIK technology and the only advanced all-laser technique that NASA has approved for use on astronauts.

There are 3 components of the iLASIK surgical technique:

WaveScan Abbott | Mandel Vision LASIK Technology




VISX Wavescan Imaging:  Wavescan imaging is used to create a unique fingerprint of your eye by utilizing wavefront technology. This fingerprint includes your refractive error, better known as your prescription.  It works by measuring the speed of photons reflecting off of your retina.  The system converts these measurements into color and numerical representations of your optical system.  This creates a unique visual profile, or fingerprint of your eye. Click here to learn more about how wavefront technology works.





IntraLase Femtosecond Laser | Mandel Vision LASIK Technology


IntraLase Femtosecond Laser:  The IntraLase laser is the latest advancement in LASIK technology and is the second component of the iLASIK technique. This laser allows Dr. Mandel to create the corneal flap utilizing blade-free technology. The creation of this flap is what enables an almost immediate return of your best corrected vision.  More than 99% of our nearsighted patients go back to work, drive and return to most all of their normal activities the day after LASIK with Dr. Mandel.  Click here to read more about IntraLase technology.





VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser | Mandel Vision LASIK Technology


VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser:  A pioneer in laser vision correction in 1984, Dr. Mandel co-authored “Excimer Laser Radial Keratotomy,” the first paper in the world which argued that excimer laser technology would revolutionize the field of refractive surgery. This is the same laser is used in laser vision correction today which is the 3rd component of the iLASIK technology. The excimer laser is the cool-beam laser which is used to gently re-profile the cornea beneath the flap to correct your prescription.  The amount of tissue removed by the excimer laser varies from patient to patient and is customized by Dr. Mandel. Click here to read more about excimer laser technology.


So, if you’re considering LASIK, be sure to do your research on the surgeon as well as the equipment utilized for the LASIK surgery.  And, don’t base your decision on price. You will pay a premium for a more experienced surgeon and for the latest technology, but it’s worth it.  Don’t bargain with your only pair of eyes.

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