The 3 Key Factors that Set Mandel Vision Apart from Other Laser Vision Correction Centers

When choosing where to have your LASIK or PRK corrective eye surgery, there are three main factors to consider:  the surgeon, the technology employed by the surgeon and the supporting staff.  The main reason so many patients elect to have their LASIK and PRK surgeries at Mandel Vision is that it’s clear from their very first visit that we understand that your laser vision correction experience is shaped by all three of these factors.  To that end, we never lose sight of the importance of any one component, as each is an integral part of the comprehensive experience that sets Mandel Vision apart from other laser vision correction centers.

Our Surgeon:

A Harvard-trained corneal specialist, Dr. Mandel has specialized in vision correction surgery since he opened his practice in 1984.  In fact, Dr. Mandel co-authored “Excimer Laser Radial Keratotomy,” one of the first papers in the world which argued that excimer laser technology would revolutionize the field of refractive surgery. Over the last 30 years, Dr. Mandel has helped thousands of patients see their world more clearly without glasses or contact lenses through various vision correction surgical techniques.  One of the main factors that sets Dr. Mandel apart from other laser eye surgeons is his personalized approach to LASIK and PRK.  Dr. Mandel takes the time to get to know each patient individually.  He considers factors such as their age, job, hobbies and passions in order to customize their surgical procedure.  This is a critical component of the satisfaction of our patients.  For instance, a 20 year old model is undoubtedly going to have different visual needs than a 55 year old investment banker.  Understanding these needs and customizing the procedure to compensate for them is more art than science.  Dr. Mandel understands the need to marry both art and science in his approach and he does this for each patient.  Read more about Dr. Mandel here.

Our Technology:

Dr. Mandel has always understood the need for superior technology.  The analogy he uses most often when explaining the need for both a skilled surgeon and cutting-edge technology is that of a master carpenter.  A master carpenter can only do so much with suboptimal tools.  It is for this reason that we stay on top of all of the latest advancements in laser vision correction technology.

At Mandel Vision, we realize that although the surgical lasers are critical in good surgical outcomes, the technology used to determine candidacy for LASIK and PRK is equally essential.  Therefore, our pre-surgical diagnostic equipment such as our iDesign Refractive Studio (which no other center in NYC has) and Pentacam technology as well as our IntraLase and VISX Star S4 surgical lasers, are all top of the line.  Utilizing this superior technology in the hands of a skilled corneal surgeon with over 30 years of experience in this specialty, we are able to offer our patients the best possible surgical outcomes.  Read more about our state-of-the-art technology here.

Our Staff:

At Mandel Vision, most of our staff members have been working with Dr. Mandel for more than 10 years.  During that time working together as a team, we have developed a tried and true system for our laser vision correction patients.  Our clerical and medical staff members work in tandem to make the laser vision correction experience seamless for each of our patients.  Each staff member was chosen for their unique qualifications and each specializes in a slightly different aspect of the laser vision correction experience.  Our management has honed and applied those skills so that our patients get the greatest benefit possible from their interaction with each member of our staff.  The most important qualification we look for in our Mandel Vision employees is empathy.  Each member of our staff truly cares about our patients.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care possible to each of our patients and we do that with pride at our premier New York LASIK center in Manhattan.  To learn more about our individual staff members, visit our Meet The Staff page.

At Mandel Vision, our satisfied patients are our number one referral source.   We feel the reasons for this go beyond their superior visual results following LASIK and PRK surgery with Dr. Mandel.  We treat each patient as if they were family.   That individualized approach creates an unparalleled experience and is truly what sets us apart from other laser vision correction centers.  Visit us at Mandel Vision for a free LASIK or PRK consultation to see personally why so many patients have had their laser vision correction surgery with Dr. Mandel and continue to refer their friends and family members.  You can schedule your free consultation online, or call us at 888-866-3681.

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This blog has been updated from its original version published in December 2014.

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