The Customization of Laser Vision Correction

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The customization of laser vision correction procedures is not a new concept to Eric R. Mandel, M.D., founder and medical director of Mandel Vision. As a researcher for laser vision correction since 1984, he recognized very early in his surgical career the importance of getting to know his patients as individuals. As such, he has always tried to customize the procedure based on age and visual needs. Dr. Mandel now has the advanced technological tools necessary to truly optimize those results.

The difference at Mandel Vision is that Dr. Mandel not only customizes each surgical procedure using the latest iDesign Refractive Studio technology, but he also calls on his years of experience to then personally design the procedure based on the specific visual needs of each patient.

Surgical Customization

iDesign Refractive Studio is the latest generation in customized LASIK treatments.  Mandel Vision is proud to be the first practice in New York to offer this state-of-the-art technology to our LASIK patients.

This technology uses a proprietary INSIDE+OUT approach that combines both corneal topography measurements and wavefront analysis.

Corneal Topography Measurements:

The iDesign system uses a built-in topographer to map the entire surface of the cornea – mapping approximately 1,200 x and y slopes to interpret miniscule variations in the corneal surface.

Wavefront Analysis:

The iDesign system also maps the entire optical pathway and measures both lower and higher order aberrations using approximately 1,257 data points to capture the most minute distortions.  That’s 500% more data points than the previous wavescan system.

Together, these two detailed measurements allow Dr. Mandel to customize LASIK treatments with an accuracy that was previously unattainable. This treatment is known as topo-integrated wavefront-guided and this is the only technology which utilizes this advanced approach to LASIK laser vision correction.

To put it simply: when you measure better, you treat better.

Using this method creates a unique fingerprint of your cornea.  This fingerprint is then programmed into the VISX Star S4® Laser for each eye of each patient, individually.  This technology allows Dr. Mandel to correct for visual disturbances, such as spherical aberration, that cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.  This means it may be possible to achieve better vision following laser vision correction than was attainable with glasses or contact lenses before the procedure.

Individual Customization ~ Dr. Mandel’s Personal Touch

Personal LASIK Customization_Dr Eric Mandel

A researcher in refractive surgery since 1984, Dr. Mandel understands the importance of getting to know his patients, including their profession, their hobbies and their passions prior to performing laser vision correction surgery.  Armed with this information, he’s able to customize their laser vision correction procedure.  Although two patients may be the same age and have the same prescription for glasses, they may require different types of laser vision correction treatments. For instance, two 44-year-old patients with similar prescriptions may require completely different approaches to their surgical correction.  A professional golfer, who will begin to lose focus on the logo of the ball which is used for aligning putts, will have different future visual requirements than a commercial pilot who spends the day monitoring multiple computer screens.  Dr. Mandel and our vision correction team take the time to get to know each patient so that we can personalize their projected final outcome.

Here at Mandel Vision, we not only want you to be happy with your visual outcome now, we want you to be happy for life.  Click here to learn more about LASIK and PRK laser vision correction at Mandel Vision.

This blog post has been updated from its original version, published on December 28, 2012.

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