“The PRK Experience” Video Blog Series ~ Blog #3

The Final Evaluation

The reason this blog is titled “The Final Evaluation” instead of “The Follow-Up Evaluation” is that Nori was evaluated several times in between her initial evaluation and her final evaluation.  However, each time, Nori was told she still was not accepted as a candidate.  She was instead told to continue to leave her contact lenses out 100% and return at 1 month intervals.   Finally, a full 10 months after her initial evaluation, Nori received the news she had been hoping for.  Dr. Mandel was satisfied with all of her preliminary diagnostic corneal measurements and he accepted her as a candidate for PRK laser vision correction.

The Preliminary Examination:

Nori’s preliminary examination was then performed by our lead, certified ophthalmic technician, Kim Procci.  Kim has been working in ophthalmology for more than 25 years and has been certified with JCAHPO®, the national certifying board for ophthalmic personnel, since 1993. Kim performed a thorough examination of Nori’s eyes to determine her vision with and without glasses as well as her exact prescription, starting with retinoscopy.  She then checked Nori’s pupils, reviewed her medical history, screened her for glaucoma and after checking to make sure it was safe, she dilated Nori’s eyes.  The dilating drops we use at Mandel Vision not only widen the pupil, they also relax the eye muscles which aid in accommodation.  These drops are stronger than the drops used for a routine eye exam, so they last longer.  The reason we use stronger drops is that we are able to get a more accurate prescription once the drops take effect, which is used as a safeguard against overcorrection.  After Nori’s eye muscles were fully relaxed, her prescription was checked again.  Watch the next video to see the preliminary exam described above.



Including both the computerized and manual exams before dilation, as well as the exams done after dilation, we checked Nori’s prescription multiple times, both subjectively and objectively.  Some would say this is excessive.  At Mandel Vision, that’s just the standard of care for all of our laser vision correction patients.  We understand you only have one pair of eyes, so we do everything we can to ensure the best results.

The Medical Eye Exam and Laser Vision Correction Consultation with Dr. Mandel

Dr. Mandel then performed a very thorough medical eye examination, which included an examination of Nori’s eyes under a slit-lamp microscope to evaluate the front part of her eye.  This included the eyelids, cornea, crystalline lens and tear film, which was followed by a dilated retinal examination. The retinal examination includes a careful evaluation of the retina, choroid, macula and all associated blood vessels and arteries, as well as the optic nerve (10% of the brain).  Dr. Mandel then personally reviewed Nori’s diagnostic test results with her.  In the next video, you’ll see Dr. Mandel’s medical eye exam and laser vision correction consultation described above.



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