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5 Day Post-PRK Check Up

It’s now day 5 after Nori’s PRK surgery with Dr. Mandel, and she’s ready to have her bandage contact lenses removed.  Up until now, the topmost layer of her cornea (the epithelium) was healing. Therefore, her vision was slightly hazy.  Once the contact lenses are removed, the real healing begins.

Her preliminary exam is completed by our Certified Ophthalmic Technician, Kim Procci.  This exam includes a review of her medications as well as a vision check.  See the video below to watch this exam:

Once her preliminary exam is completed, she is ready for her 5 day check up with her PRK surgeon, Dr. Mandel. Most importantly, for Nori, she’s ready to have the bandage contact lenses removed.  Much like the exam the day after her PRK surgery, Dr. Mandel examines Nori’s eyes under the special slit-lamp microscope, which cross-sections the eye.  Dr. Mandel then reviews his findings and post operative instructions with Nori and tells her what to expect for the next few months until her next visit, in the next video:

Nori’s uncorrected vision, just 5 days after PRK with Dr. Mandel, is 20/25 in the right eye and 20/20 in the left eye. Nori is a very fast healer, so her vision is actually quite a bit better than the norm this soon after PRK.

Dr. Mandel’s recommendation for her eye drop and post operative care regimen, from now until her next visit in 1 month, is as follows:

  • Pred Forte eye drops:  1 drop 4 times a day in both eyes. This is a steroid drop which decreases inflammation and controls the speed of healing.
  • Natural Tear drops:  As needed for dryness, which is common immediately after PRK and can persist for the first 6 months.
  • UV 400 sunglasses:  Wearing sunglasses with UV 400 protection is recommended for the first 6 months following PRK surgery to shield the eyes from the harmful UV rays during the healing period.
  • Vitamin C 500mg twice daily: This dosage of vitamin C is what Dr. Mandel has found to be the most effective to aid in healing after PRK.  Again, this is recommended for the first 6 months during the time that the collagen in the cornea is changing and polishing.

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