IntraLase Blade-Free LASIK

What is IntraLase, the blade-free, all-laser LASIK treatment?

LASIK surgery requires the creation of a corneal flap, which is thinner than a hair. Previously, the most accurate method to create this flap was with a mechanical microkeratome. This is a precise microscopic blade oscillating at a very high rate. This advancement of bladeless IntraLase surgery allows for more predictable flap diameters and flap thicknesses, as well as smoother corneal beds.

The U.S. Naval Medical Center and Air Force are now recommending wavefront guided, IntraLase LASIK for their aviators wishing to undergo laser vision correction. In night driving tests that reproduced aircraft landing scenarios, aviators treated with the IntraLase LASIK technique had an improvement in their performance. Click here to read more about LASIK on the Frontlines.

Is the all-laser LASIK treatment best for me?

Most patients have a higher level of confidence in an all-laser treatment.  In some patients, the IntraLase laser provides an extra level of safety and a more accurate treatment.

How does the IntraLase laser create a flap?

Femtosecond laser pulses are precisely focused on the cornea to create a corneal flap. Dr. Mandel individually designs the measurements for flap thickness, diameter and hinge position for each patient.

To understand more about the IntraLase process, please click here.

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