Mandel Vision Newsletter ~ In Focus ~ July 2019 Highlights

Mandel Vision Newsletter ~ In Focus ~ July 2019 Highlights

We discuss UV safety, dry eye syndrome, laser vision correction and the potential side effects of blue light in this month’s Mandel Vision – in Focus – Newsletter.

July is UV Safety Month!

Wearing sunglasses that block 100% of the harmful UV rays from the sun can help protect your eyes from developing future eye conditions.

Keep in mind that UV rays can penetrate cloud cover, so sunglasses are important even on overcast days.

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This Month’s Featured Eye Health Tip

Recent findings have revealed that dry eye syndrome (DES) is an inflammatory process.

These findings have led to new treatment options for this annoying, chronic eye condition.

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What are the advantages of LASIK and PRK over the SMILE procedure?

There is a new player in the refractive surgery world called SMILE. If LASIK and PRK were not available, it would be a fantastic option.  However, as usual for any new procedure, there is hype and then there is reality.

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New on the Blog

Can blue light damage your eyes?

This is an important question considering the amount of time we spend on our digital devices. In fact, American adults spend more than 11 hours per day watching reading, listening or simply interacting with media, according to a new study by market-research group Nielsen.[i]

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