Mandel Vision Newsletter ~ in Focus ~ April 2019 Highlights

Mandel Vision Newsletter ~ in Focus ~ April 2019 Highlights

We discuss sports eye safety, spring allergies and LASIK surgery in this month’s Mandel Vision – in Focus – Newsletter.

April is Sports Eye Safety Month!

Ninety percent of all sports-related eye injuries can be avoided with the use of protective eye wear.

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This Week’s Featured Eye Health Tip

Spring is in the air and so are the dreaded allergens that accompany it. Starting a mast cell stabilizer now, which prevents histamines from being released, can help make Spring allergies a lot more tolerable.

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Is LASIK Eye Surgery Covered by Insurance? 

This is a question we hear frequently from our New York LASIK patients here at Mandel Vision. The answer isn’t as straightforward as you may think. Although for most patients the answer is no, as most insurance companies consider LASIK a cosmetic procedure, there are a few financial services companies that offer insurance coverage for LASIK surgery as a perk for their employees.

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New on the Blog

LASIK and PRK Laser Vision Correction:  Still the Best Choice for Patients

As medical technology continues to change, so do our options for medical treatment, and laser vision correction is no exception.  So, with all the options available today, why does corneal specialist and microsurgeon Dr. Eric Mandel still prefer LASIK and PRK laser vision correction for all his patients who are candidates for refractive surgery? There are actually three key reasons for this.

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