Article about Dr. Mandel featured in the NY Post

Elvi Amodio was a 7 year old Sicilian girl when she met Dr. Mandel for the first time.  She was writing on the blackboard in her classroom when a pencil, thrown by a classmate, pierced her right eye.  After many surgeries in Sicily, Elvi’s parents were told that there was nothing that could be done to restore her sight.  In fact, they said her eye needed to be removed.  Luckily, her parents weren’t ready to give up.  Relatives in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn contacted Dr. Mandel who agreed to examine Elvi to see if her eye could be saved.  The people of her hometown in Sicily came together and raised the money for the flight to New York.   The surgery was a success and Elvira never forgot Dr. Mandel.  24 years later, Elvira did an internet search and found Dr. Mandel.  On October 2, 2012, Elvi and her husband flew to New York to thank Dr. Mandel personally for her gift of sight.  This heartwarming reunion was covered by the NY Post.

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