Mandel Vision In Focus Newsletter – February 2017

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February is Age-Related Macular Degeneration Awareness Month 

Macular Degeneration, A.K.A. ARMD or AMD, affects more than 10 million Americans and is the leading cause of central vision loss for those aged 55 and older in the United States.

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This Month’s Eye Health Tip

The eyes are the windows to the soul…and your health! In fact, signs of systemic diseases often appear in the eye before the rest of the body, so an annual eye exam can protect more than just your eyesight.

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Get to Know our NYC LASIK Team!

Raven Varela, Ophthalmic Scribe

Raven has worked in the medical field since 2011, primarily as a receptionist in both internal medicine and ophthalmology. Driven by a desire to gain more knowledge in ophthalmology, she joined Mandel Vision in November 2016…

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New on the Blog

What Can I expect on the Day of My LASIK Surgery at Mandel Vision?

If you ask our patients, many of them would tell you that LASIK eye surgery is a life-changing procedure.  When you’ve been completely dependent on glasses and contact lenses your whole life like many of our patients, LASIK can make a huge difference in your quality of life…

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