Mandel Vision In Focus – March 2016 Newsletter

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March 2016 Highlights

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Reading and Computer Tips_Mandel VisionOne of the most frequent complaints we hear from patients is that their eyes feel tired or strained at the end of their workday. This is frequently caused by staring at digital devices such as computer screens, tablets or smartphones, for long periods of time. Following some simple tips from Dr. Mandel can help alleviate the symptoms of digital eye strain and keep your eyes more comfortable during close vision tasks.

This Week’s Eye Health Tip

NYC LASIK_Eye Health Tip_Mandel Vision_1This week, we’ve published a video health tip.  In this video, Dr. Mandel shares a technique for using eye drops. If you suppress blinking for four to six seconds before instilling the eye drop, the drop will gain access to a larger area of the ocular surface.  This will help you get the greatest benefit from your eye drops.

Get to Know our NYC LASIK Staff!

Missy-Grohne_Laser-Vision-Consultant_Mandel-VisionMissy Grohne, 
Laser Vision Consultant

Missy joined Mandel Vision in 2003.  Lori Silver, our Practice Administrator, was lucky enough to have Missy as a tour guide during her visit to Arizona in 2002.  She was so taken with Missy’s easy-going personality and enthusiasm that she immediately recruited her to work at Mandel Vision.  Prior to accepting the position, Missy researched Dr. Mandel and decided to have monovision LASIK…


New on the Blog

How to Prevent the Spread of Infections_Mandel Vision Blog PostHow To Help Prevent the Spread of Eye Infections

Eye infections, particularly those that are contagious, can spread very quickly.  Many of you are probably familiar with this scenario:  your child comes home from preschool with a red, infected eye (“pink eye”) that they inherited from a classmate.   Ever wonder why it spreads so quickly in that environment?  

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