Mandel Vision In Focus Newsletter – February 2016 Highlights

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February is National ARMD and Low Vision Awareness Month 


large_Amsler GridFebruary is National ARMD and Low Vision Awareness Month. ARMD affects more than 10 million Americans and is the leading cause of central vision loss for those aged 55 and older in the United States.

Click here to read more about ARMD.



This Week’s Eye Health Tip

Hump Day Health Tip-Humidifier and Dry Eye-Mandel Vision LASIK NYCAdding a humidifier to your dry eye regimen through the winter months can help keep your eyes more comfortable.* In cooler weather the air tends to be dry, which can contribute to dry eye symptoms. A humidifier can help keep your eyes better lubricated.

*Be sure to clean your humidifier regularly. All models are different, so consult the manufacturer for details.

Click here to read more about dry eye.


Meet the NYC LASIK Staff!

Jahnay-Smith_Ophthalmic-Scribe_Mandel-Vision-LASIK-NYCJahnay Smith, Ophthalmic Scribe
A self-proclaimed ‘fashionista’, Jahnay is the youngest of 3 children born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Jahnay is a certified NYS EMT (Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic) who first started her career as a medical scribe in the Emergency Department of The Brooklyn Hospital Center.

New on the Blog 

3 Key Factors to Consider when Researching LASIK Surgery_Mandel Vision LASIK NYC3 Key Factors to Consider when Researching LASIK Surgery
The three key factors to consider when researching LASIK surgery are the skill of your surgeon, the pre-screening technology utilized and the technology used during the actual LASIK surgery.

Eric R. Mandel, M.D. | Mandel Vision | 212-734-0111|


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