Mandel Vision Newsletter ~ In Focus ~ January 2018 Highlights


Mandel Vision Newsletter ~ In Focus ~ January 2018 Highlights



Mandel Vision discusses glaucoma awareness month, the importance of UV400 protection, LASIK technology and eye healthy new year’s resolutions in this month’s IN FOCUS newsletter.


January is Glaucoma Awareness Month

Annual eye exams are your best defense against this potentially vision-threatening eye disease.

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This Month’s Featured Eye Health Tip

Remember to protect your eyes from snow-blindness this winter by wearing sunglasses with UV400 protection.

This is especially important when you’re on the slopes.  In normal situations, light from the sun is diffused because it scatters as it bounces off uneven surfaces at varying angles.  With smooth surfaces such as water, ice and snow, the light doesn’t scatter.  It reflects at one angle and is much more powerful.

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What is Wavefront Technology?

Wavefront Technology is one of the most revolutionary advancements used to analyze your eyes.  This technology can now create a unique fingerprint of your eye’s unique visual aberration.  Wavefront sensors measure thousands of light rays from your eyes to detect changes that were never seen before.  It is used as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool to enhance our abilities to measure your eyes with an accuracy that was previously unattainable.

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New on the Blog

Eye Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! If you’re going to make a New Year’s resolution, why not choose one with the added benefit of it being eye healthy too?! Luckily, there are many things that you can do to improve or maintain your eye health.  To make it easy for you, we’ve made a list of our top four eye healthy resolutions.

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