Mandel Vision Newsletter ~ In Focus ~ October 2017 Highlights

October 2017 Mandel Vision Highlights

In this month’s Mandel Vision Newsletter ~ In Focus ~ we discuss Halloween safety, flexible spending, eye drop safety and amblyopia.

October is Halloween Safety Month

Planning your Halloween costume? Leave costume contact lenses out of the equation. Non-prescription contact lenses could cause a vision-threatening eye infection. Just DON’T do it!

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This Month’s Featured Eye Health Tip:

Don’t forget to check the expiration date on your eye drops before each use.

Both prescription and over the counter eye drops have an expiration date that shouldn’t be ignored. Eye drops can lose their potency or change chemical composition over time. They can also become contaminated or develop bacteria that can lead to serious eye infections.

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It’s Flex Spending Time!

If you’re considering LASIK and still have funds in your 2017 FSA, don’t delay! Our 2017 surgery schedule is filling up fast. Be sure to schedule your free LASIK consult with Dr. Mandel today so you don’t lose out on applying those flexible spending dollars toward your surgery before the end of the year.

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New on the Blog:Amblyopia

Amblyopia, or lazy eye, is a condition in which the visual acuity in one eye doesn’t fully develop, usually beginning from birth towards early childhood. Once the vision is lost, glasses or contacts cannot be corrective. The quantity of vision in the amblyopic eye varies from patient to patient, but at the least, the vision is worse than in the other eye.  If undetected and left untreated, the vision in that eye will never fully develop as the brain simply “turns off” that eye and relies instead on the eye that can see better.

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