Mandel Vision Newsletter ~ In Focus ~ August 2017 Highlights

Mandel Vision Newsletter - August 2017 Highlights

August 2017 Mandel Vision Highlights

In this month’s Mandel Vision Newsletter ~ In Focus ~ we discuss Children’s Eye Safety Month, safety tips for viewing the upcoming solar eclipse and we answer a few LASIK FAQ’s.

August is Children’s Eye Safety Month

If your kids are heading back to school this month, be sure to read our blog:  How to Help Prevent the Spread of Eye Infections. Pink eye (AKA: conjunctivitis) is very common in children and spreads quickly in classrooms.

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This Month’s Featured Eye Health Tip

During a solar eclipse, the sun can burn a hole in your retina in seconds. So, if you’re planning to view the solar eclipse on August 21st, you need to plan ahead to do it safely.

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The fear of eye movement during LASIK surgery is a common concern among our patients here at Mandel Vision. The good news is, as with all things LASIK-related, we have you covered! Dr. Mandel will walk you through the procedure to let you know what’s happening and to be sure that you know what to do and where to look throughout the process. In addition, our state-of-the-art technology incorporates safeguards which ensure that eye movement isn’t an issue during the procedure.

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New on the Blog

What Can I Expect After My LASIK Surgery at Mandel Vision?

Patients often ask what to expect after LASIK eye surgery with Dr. Mandel. One of the best answers to this question actually comes from our patients. The most frequent thing we hear from our New York LASIK eye surgery patients the day after their surgery is “I woke up and could actually see my alarm clock clearly without fumbling around for my glasses!” We realize this may seem trivial to some, but when you’ve been completely dependent on glasses or contact lenses since childhood, this is a really big deal.

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