Mandel Vision Newsletter ~ In Focus ~ July 2017 Highlights

In this month’s Mandel Vision Newsletter ~ In Focus ~ we talk about fireworks eye safety and contagious precautions to prevent the spread of pink eye this summer.  We also introduce you to one of our newest team members and explore the real meaning of 20/20 vision.

Mandel Vision In Focus Newsletter - June 2017 Highlights
July 2017 Mandel Vision Highlights



Mandel Vision Newsletter_Fireworks Eye SafetyJuly is Fireworks Eye Safety Month!

We’ve said it before, but some things bear repeating: Leave the fireworks to the professionals! According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 250 people on average go to the emergency room every day with fireworks-related injuries in the month around the July 4th holiday.

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This Month’s Featured Health Tip: 

Pink Eye (AKA: Conjunctivitis) can spread very quickly. Following contagious precautions can keep it from spreading.  Pools and hot tubs are breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause these infections. Therefore, this is particularly important to keep in mind during the summer months.

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Mandel Vision Newsletter_Meet Our Team MembersGet to Know Our Team Members!

Karem Sandigo, Laser Vision Consultant

Karem joined our Mandel Vision Team as a laser vision consultant in March of 2017. Originally from Nicaragua, she has lived in New York for the past 21 years.  Karem is fluent in Spanish and has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Marketing from the University of Mobile, Alabama.  A Certified Patient Service Specialist, she has worked in ophthalmology for 15 years.  Her work as a surgical coordinator involved counseling patients on surgery in multiple ophthalmic specialties. This afforded her an almost seamless transition in her position with us.

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Mandel Vision Newsletter_What Does 20/20 Vision MeanNew on the Blog

What Does 20/20 Vision Mean?

We’ve all heard the term ’20/20 vision’ and most of us know that this is considered ‘normal’ vision.  But, what does that really mean? We hear this question a lot at Mandel Vision. The simple answer is that 20/20 vision is a standard for the measurement of visual acuity. This standard is also considered ‘normal’ or average vision.

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