We consider it a privilege to invite you to our state-of-the-art Manhattan laser vision correction center to evaluate your eyes for PRK surgery. The evaluation process is vital to the success of your procedure and will take about an hour and a half. The evaluation will include a PRK screening, a thorough medical eye examination and personal consultation with Dr. Mandel, as well as a PRK counseling session with one of our laser vision correction consultants.

PRK Screening

After you complete your evaluation paperwork, one of our laser consultants will greet you in the waiting room and bring you to the testing area. Our PRK screening process, which involves a topography session, Wavefront® imaging and pentacam analysis will give us essential information about your eyes. Using these advanced diagnostic tools, we are able to get a representation of the cornea, measure the speed of photons reflecting from the retina and determine the thickness of the cornea.  In addition, your pupil size will be tested using infrared technology.  The prescription in your glasses will be measured and you will be brought to an exam room to begin your evaluation.

Your preliminary examination will then be performed by one of our skilled ophthalmic technicians, who will perform a thorough examination of your eyes to determine your prescription, take a full medical history, screen you for glaucoma and dilate your eyes.  Our team of technicians is supervised by our lead, certified ophthalmic technician, Kim Procci.  Kim has been working in ophthalmology for more than 25 years and has been certified with JCAHPO®, the national certifying board for ophthalmic personnel, since 1993.

Meet with Your PRK Surgeon

Next you will meet your surgeon, Dr. Eric Mandel, at his Manhattan laser center.   He will evaluate your candidacy for the PRK procedure and answer any questions you have about your eyes or the PRK procedure. Remember, there are no silly questions! If your question is important to you, it is important to Dr. Mandel. Dr. Mandel will review all of the PRK screening tests, personally examine your eyes by a slit lamp microscope, and perform a retinal examination after dilation. After Dr. Mandel examines your eyes, he will counsel you regarding your individual needs and the results of the testing.

The results of testing will usually lead him to arrive at one of three possible conclusions: 1.)  You are a candidate for PRK;  2.)  You did not pass the screening tests and are not a candidate for PRK; or 3.)  You need to return for further testing.  If you are accepted as a candidate, Dr. Mandel will speak with you about the PRK procedure, including the risks, complications, and alternatives to consider. After Dr. Mandel’s informed consent of the procedure, you will have another opportunity to ask him any questions you might have.

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PRK Counseling

Your next step is to meet with your laser vision correction consultant who will counsel you on your PRK experience from start to finish. Soft contact lens wearers need to refrain from wearing their lenses for approximately two weeks prior to surgery, while toric, gas permeable, and hard contact lens wearers should not wear their contacts for approximately three weeks prior. Your personal consultant will give you his or her card so that you will always have a personal contact in the office for any non-medical questions. All of your medical questions will be addressed personally by your expert laser vision correction surgeon, Dr. Mandel. You are encouraged to call our New York office if you have any questions at 888-866-3681.

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