VISX Star S4 LASIK Technology

What is the VISX® Star S4 Active Trak® Excimer Laser System?

The VISX® system provides a whole new dimension in technology, accuracy, and safety in laser eye surgery.

What makes this LASIK laser system unique?

Visx Star - ResizedOur New York practice employs the VISX® laser vision correction system, which combines the safety of 3-D active eye tracking, the precision and personalized treatment of variable sized beams for speed and smoothness, and the comfort and speedy recovery of a non-dilated pupil. The VISX® laser system provides a treatment area that is larger than most pupils, and is the only laser that utilizes computerized centration. This dramatically decreases the incidence of side effects such as halos and glare following LASIK surgery.

Unlike other laser trackers that are 2-dimensional,working only along the x and y axis, the VISX® Star S4 works along the x, y, and z axis. The variable sized beams are superior in speed, meaning less dehydration, more precise results, and smoother treatments. VISX® compares the varying size of the laser beams to chisels used to shape sculptures. Initially, large chisels are used to create contours. However, when the fine details are sculpted, smaller and more delicate chisels are used. Because the VISX® system begins with the larger beams before using the smaller lasers, the patient spends less time undergoing treatment at our New York office.

Another benefit of the VISX® Star S4’s unique tracking system, is that Dr. Mandel does not need to dilate your pupil. A non-dilated pupil offers increased comfort during the procedure, and patients experience a more rapid return of improved visual acuity. Contact our New York offices to learn more about the VISX® laser system. Dr. Mandel can determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK utilizing the latest technology in the field.

Why is the Star S4 LASIK laser surgeon-dependant?

It is important to choose your LASIK surgeon based on skill, not just the technology employed at the practice. While the innovative tools used in LASIK can greatly improve results, it is still the surgeon’s skill, customized nomograms, analysis, and experience that create the best results. Dr. Mandel trains laser eye surgery doctors in Manhattan on how to use the most advanced equipment in LASIK technology, including the VISX® laser system.

If you are interested in undergoing laser eye surgery in New York using the VISX® Star S4 laser system, contact our Manhattan LASIK practice today at 888-866-3681. Focus on experience and see your world clearly through LASIK laser eye surgery!

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